Beach Time.

Beep beep. Wake up time. Definitely coffee time. Whew! Good run time. Mmmm, breakfast time. Rush hour time. Late for clock in time, whoops. 

Meeting time. Presentation time. Lunch time. Paper football time. Another meeting time. Dreaded paperwork time. And finally, finally quitting time. 

Now, official vacation time. No schedules, no set times. Stay up, sleep in, drink before five, lay in the sun, swim in the surf, and play in the sand. Whatever my heart desires. Now I’m on beach time.

That Place

I’d rather be there, than here.I know I have to be here, but I will still daydream about there. I will close my eyes and be there.

Where the salty water meets the sand. Where the breeze blows and the waves crash. 

A place that seems like the edge of the Earth. Somewhere that mimics Heaven itself. Somewhere I see all of God’s glory in every detail.

Yes, I’d rather be there, but I know I’m needed here. 

First Sunrise

The waves rolled and crashed along the shore. The sun peeked up from the horizon, causing the island to stir. The sunlight slowly cascaded and stretched across the white sand, giving an iridescent appeal. Shells scattered along the sand became visible,  while small crabs started back for home, not wanting to be seen. The first sunrise while on vacation at the coast, was something that could only be cherished. In this exact moment, this place and point in time, was where all of life’s troubles were thrown to the tradewinds; Content washes over and bliss settles its way in. God himself painted this masterpiece  bringing contentment and satisfaction to those who were lost in the rat-race. God’s simple act of nature moves so many with a strong, yet subtle impact.

Wave Therapy.

Sometimes you can paint on the most convincing smile and still not be able to hide the pain. Even the waves can tell the truth in your eyes.

The rain stings in a cold manner, trying to fight numbness bestowed upon you. The gulls shriek to wake your mind from the overthought stupor. This place knows you better than you know yourself. This place knows your pain. It knows you need to reflect and heal, so it decides to mimic your emotions.

Waves begin to pound the shore. Clouds overcast the once-blue sky. Winds begin to howl and wail. Palm trees sway violently and branches crack and break under the force. Still, you sit in the sand with your arms wrapped around your legs, curled up like a crab in its’ shell. You duck your head in-between your arms, letting the storm take you over further. The ocean gives you more; giving you what you have been needing.

The salt in the air begins to thicken, almost suffocating. The mist becomes blinding. Still, you sit curled, letting yourself become battered physically. Finally the ocean gives its’ all. The sand breaks down beneath you, slowly shifting under the pounding of the waves. The waves begin to crash closer and closer. You know they’re closing in. You feel their presence creeping and crashing closer and closer. But still you sit there motionless.

Now is the time for extreme measures, the ocean won’t allow anymore. All of its’ force is packed into this last wave. The height, depth, and power are immeasurable. You know that this one is coming. You know the ocean will only allow you to sulk so much, and this time you’ve pushed its’ and your own limits.

This wave will encapsulate you, swallowing you whole, ridding you of this earth. Just as it heightens over your body, you burst upright with trembling fists clenched. In return the wave falls to the Earth as a gentle rain, soaking you further. As your chest rises and falls more rhythmically, the waves begin to lessen in power. The winds subside and the color is brought back to the sky. Your body is left exasperated causing you to fall gently to the damp sand. The darkness begins to take over your eyelids until you drift to sleep.

Your eyes slowly crack open, only to be surprised by a cool, colorful sky.The tradewinds gently wisp through your hair. Rejuvenation cascades over your body.The ocean used God’s privilege in itself to bless you with a peaceful, tranquil new dawn.

Tantalizing Waves.

Rushing and pounding the shore with a tantalizing orchestra of crashing.  Enough to calm the storm inside and relinquish the fury that has been bottled. Giving direction to the ships and taking direction from the man in the moon. Waves.

Waves can deliver the chill down each individual vertebrae composing your spine. They deliver the ocean-made shells to the shore for all the locals and tourist to revel in discovering. Waves, can carry a power almost as strong as God himself and yet can be  as gentle as a small infant. These tantalizing works of nature can take your breath right from your lungs in amazement of their natural beauty. You’ll never experience anything like an ocean derived wave.

Salt kissed from the heavens above, they can bring your soul at peace in an instant. Waves are something that tickle the fancy of each of the five senses giving the ultimate experience of euphoria. Let waves take you to a place of bliss and never look back.