Beach Time.

Beep beep. Wake up time. Definitely coffee time. Whew! Good run time. Mmmm, breakfast time. Rush hour time. Late for clock in time, whoops. 

Meeting time. Presentation time. Lunch time. Paper football time. Another meeting time. Dreaded paperwork time. And finally, finally quitting time. 

Now, official vacation time. No schedules, no set times. Stay up, sleep in, drink before five, lay in the sun, swim in the surf, and play in the sand. Whatever my heart desires. Now I’m on beach time.

Beach Vacation

We run to this place. Our mini-vans and suvs packed to the gills with every essential we could possibly fathom. We are tired, our kids are on our very last nerve, and we question if we even should have taken on this 12 hour drive or even the whole vacation in the first place. But then in one magical, second-wind moment, we get a wiff of the salt air through the vents. A rejuvenation encases the whole cab and peace descends, enveloping  the madness and tossing it out the sun roof.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, our vehicles come to a stop and we are officially on vacation. After scrambling everything out of the car quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry, a beeline is made to the waves. A few stumbles up the dune and we can see the water. As the beach chairs unfold and the towels unravel, the koozies wrap the adult beverages and finally life is at peace. 

So, now bring on vacation. Bring on the lazy days, the days with out bills, and the days without an alarm clock. One sip of the bottomless drink and a sigh of relief escapes into the tradewinds.