Woman and Sea

Desire to beat the odds coursed through her veins. She wanted to defeat the naysayers and all the garbage they threw from their mouths. She is strong, independent, someone everyone should aspire to be like. Push the odds, embrace the fall, and rise with a keen edge, was her game plan.

She came to this place because it fueled her, gave her strength. She wanted to mimic the sea. A natural beauty that was intriguing and dangerous all at once. She wanted to be a sanctuary for people, but stand entirely on her own, just as this salty body of water. She wanted everyone to witness all of her power in an awe-inspiring way. She knew she was destined for great things. And although the battle may be hard, she would fight back harder. Like the sea, she consumed the negativity and relinquished it when she felt to do so.

The God-given strength the ocean possesses seems to rub off onto her as she struts the shore’s edge. As she gazes out onto the horizon, she knows in that moment no one can define her but God, herself, and the sea.

Her Oasis

This was her place of healing, her oasis.


She strode along the damp sand letting the salt drenched air wisp through her sun kissed curls. Gazing at the waves gliding along the shore, she painfully reminisced on her past year. Alongside the man she loves, she knew he wouldn’t be able to decipher the salt water from the tears that streaked down her summer stung cheeks. The hurricane that raged through her veins, paired with a storm that reeked havoc on her soul, were finally calmed by the Atlantic.   The feeling of being at ease was something she had long forgot. This long sought after moment was something she would treasure forever. Not even the despair she had felt could erase this from her memory. She knew in her heart that salt life was for her, even though this trip was temporary, she knew she would come back to forever reside in the only place that she could feel at peace.

Letting her toes tickle the sand, she was mesmerized and lost her focus in the sun as it began to slip slowly into the Atlantic, changing the blue skies to a mix of crimson, violet, and peach hues. The palms swayed in the ocean breeze making their leaves create a rhythmic motion luring the moon into the sky. The bright colors slowly faded as a midnight sky took over. Unlike the small town she grew up in, the dark of night didn’t damper the island spirit, it kept it fueled. Even nautical creatures still scurried along the sand that was now iridescent with the previously welcomed moonlight. She soaked in one more picture perfect moment, wishing that she could forever stay in that point in time.