A Way to Get Away

Tyranny and chaos heavily hung in the air. Strong-hearted and hard-headed opinions shattered all hope. Darkness swept through, destroying everything in its path. Each blow inflicted, lit the fire more and more, and as the embers roared, so did she. Finally, she couldn’t take a single moment of it any longer and in an instant she was off.

She simply went away. As far and as fast as she could. Life wasn’t going to get the best of her any longer. Now, as the tide rolls and the breeze blows, she can’t remember what her worry was about. All the chaos that ravaged her life, was now thrown into the salty breeze to be taken to some far off shore.

Sunlight danced along the tops of the waves as she stared aimlessly into the horizon. This place brought her to a world where worries didn’t matter, being in the moment, this moment, was the only thing that mattered.

So much natural beauty encased this enchanted beach. The sun rose and fell here at God’s command. The palms swayed rhythmically, and shaded all who needed. Tropical birds harmonized with the roaring ocean, cascading a peaceful, tranquil aura.

Opinions, craziness, political views didn’t matter here. This was a place to get away. Her way to get away.


      ​Just as the ocean, she waited until the right time to break down and unleash the storm within. She tried her hardest to time her emotional cleansing with the occasional coastal storm the ocean would let free. As the dark and calm began to set in the overcast, she could feel the hurricane in her soul begin to spin. Wind howls at the anticipation and the rain falls to the earth slow at first, then gaining speed and force. With each strike of lightening her heart pulsates harder and harder. The thunder courses through her body, making everything she has bottled up, break and burst through the barricade she has built. The storm has now reached full rage both inside and out. 

    Tears spill over the rims of her reddened eyelids as the rain batters the window panes. She let the noise of the storm encase her as she stepped out the door into the battlefield. The ocean roars as she sprints to the waters’ edge. On the crest of the dune she gazes into the heart of the havoc seeing rage in all of its glory. 

     Just as soon as the storm had come it quickly had stopped. It let whatever else it had left fall in small drops kissing her skin as she made her way to the sand. Her tears began to stop as the rain let up. With the storm, it brought a whole new world. Letting herself break down and become new again mimicked the effects the storm had on the coast. She never let herself fall to the trials and tribulations that were thrown at her, but when she finally did, she experienced it in the most tantalizing way possible, creating a better impact. She smiled as a beautiful array of colors, composed as a rainbow, stretched itself across the blue sky.

Her Oasis

This was her place of healing, her oasis.


She strode along the damp sand letting the salt drenched air wisp through her sun kissed curls. Gazing at the waves gliding along the shore, she painfully reminisced on her past year. Alongside the man she loves, she knew he wouldn’t be able to decipher the salt water from the tears that streaked down her summer stung cheeks. The hurricane that raged through her veins, paired with a storm that reeked havoc on her soul, were finally calmed by the Atlantic.   The feeling of being at ease was something she had long forgot. This long sought after moment was something she would treasure forever. Not even the despair she had felt could erase this from her memory. She knew in her heart that salt life was for her, even though this trip was temporary, she knew she would come back to forever reside in the only place that she could feel at peace.

Letting her toes tickle the sand, she was mesmerized and lost her focus in the sun as it began to slip slowly into the Atlantic, changing the blue skies to a mix of crimson, violet, and peach hues. The palms swayed in the ocean breeze making their leaves create a rhythmic motion luring the moon into the sky. The bright colors slowly faded as a midnight sky took over. Unlike the small town she grew up in, the dark of night didn’t damper the island spirit, it kept it fueled. Even nautical creatures still scurried along the sand that was now iridescent with the previously welcomed moonlight. She soaked in one more picture perfect moment, wishing that she could forever stay in that point in time.