The Sandy Wedding

Tears of joy sparkled in her mother’s eyes. It was almost time to open a new chapter of her life with the man she loved by her side. Beginning as a small spark, their love for one another kindled into a burning fire. Today was the day they took each other hand in hand vowing their lives to one another. She was dressed in a lace embellished gown that stopped itself short above her tanned knees. Jeweled barefoot sandals were the only thing that outlined her feet. In her sun kissed curls hung a small blue beret that held up a cascading veil, which lied itself around her broad feminine shoulders and continued to the small of her back. With just the right intricacies, the hand sewn veil let her elegant simplicity shine through.

She stood in front of the open window, letting the salty air sweep over her. She turned gazing at herself in the mirror, she could see a strong beautiful young woman staring back. The bountiful sunlight that streamed through the curtains gave her features an almost iridescent appeal. Lost in a wonderful daydream she almost didn’t hear her mother telling her it was time. The sun began to set turning the sky all sort of crimsons and oranges with a touch of peach hues. Stepping outside, anticipation came over her body, making her want to sprint to the alter. When the alter came into sight her ocean blue eyes met with his golden-green, hazel eyes. She could see, even from afar, the genuine love that he had for her. He let the sight of her wash over him like a summer rain. He had never seen her so beautiful in all of their years together. After what had seemed like a life time for the both of them, she made it to the shell encrusted alter with grace and poise. They happily announced their, “I do’s,” and let their lips come together in a celebratory manner. They pulled away from one another and let vibrant smiles come across their faces. .


Blissfully she sat at the edge of the bow letting the sun’s rays penetrate her skin. She reveled in the warmth moving her head from side to side making sure it  hit every inch. Her well tanned skin and the Atlantic sun have agreed on terms since they have come in contact for a few years now. Although sometimes the sun will break contract letting the sting of summer settle just at the top of her round cheeks and accenting the crest of her nose. Stinging cheeks and a tourist-like nose didn’t put a damper to her gentle rocking as the waves contacted the porcelain like sides of the boat. They were always trying their hardest to reach the hand-painted words that read, “The Salt Life Writer.”

Reminiscing on the day she proudly painted those words, she couldn’t help but crack a vibrant smile. So much success beamed from the simplicity of those four words.  She began to believe that her sea legs have become a permanent asset to her body. She embraced the past years as many seconds, minutes, hours, and days seemed to fly by right in front of her ocean blue eyes while residing on this vessel. Memories of competitive fishing among friends, many island drinks sloshed here and there on well used deck, and even the more professional use of the office space that accompanied a hammock for a desk-chair and a typewriter for the equipment, ran through her mind causing a whirlwind of simplistic happiness to overcome her body.

An investment some people called it, she referred to it as a way of life. Well-needed naps, cleansing, healing moments that soothed the soul, moments filled with laughter and love among friends and family, and the bringing together of man and sea were embedded into the core of this boat. This boat acted as if its genetic makeup wouldn’t allow for anything else but blissful simplicity and some salty tears to be shed. Blessed was a word she used often when boasting about her floating vessel. Life on a boat was something to be cherished and hopefully never forgotten.


      ​Just as the ocean, she waited until the right time to break down and unleash the storm within. She tried her hardest to time her emotional cleansing with the occasional coastal storm the ocean would let free. As the dark and calm began to set in the overcast, she could feel the hurricane in her soul begin to spin. Wind howls at the anticipation and the rain falls to the earth slow at first, then gaining speed and force. With each strike of lightening her heart pulsates harder and harder. The thunder courses through her body, making everything she has bottled up, break and burst through the barricade she has built. The storm has now reached full rage both inside and out. 

    Tears spill over the rims of her reddened eyelids as the rain batters the window panes. She let the noise of the storm encase her as she stepped out the door into the battlefield. The ocean roars as she sprints to the waters’ edge. On the crest of the dune she gazes into the heart of the havoc seeing rage in all of its glory. 

     Just as soon as the storm had come it quickly had stopped. It let whatever else it had left fall in small drops kissing her skin as she made her way to the sand. Her tears began to stop as the rain let up. With the storm, it brought a whole new world. Letting herself break down and become new again mimicked the effects the storm had on the coast. She never let herself fall to the trials and tribulations that were thrown at her, but when she finally did, she experienced it in the most tantalizing way possible, creating a better impact. She smiled as a beautiful array of colors, composed as a rainbow, stretched itself across the blue sky.

Once Was.

        On the edge of the worn dock she let her toes glide along the glass-like water causing it to swirl and dance under her touch. Quietly she let the printed five digit number stare back at her. With a flip of her hair, she scoffed at the outrageous amount of money that preceded her name. A mere week before she would have let tears shed at the sight of this account, but now she smiles in ridicule of the big name bank. She stumbled upon the chance of a life time while visiting the beautiful Outer Banks.

       An agent who once had slicked hair and a dapper wardrobe, resided in the quiet area where she came to relax and recharge. He was a man of great power at one time, power that masked something of a benevolent weasel. For awhile he was content with his slimy uprising in the book market. He hid his disgust for himself with the piles of money he squandered from aspiring writers. One day he woke with his guilt gnawing at his conscience, finally breaking through the nasty exterior to a softer side that was lined with honesty. His overwhelming internal  up-rise caused him to up and run to the Atlantic coast to uproot the man he has buried deep inside.

      He walked the waters edge every morning to revel in the simplicity of the calming ocean waves. He never seemed to notice the tourists who have unfortunately felt the sun’s wrath, but today one caught his eye. She was young, early twenties, with sunkissed hair and a bronze tone all over her skin. Sitting in the sand, she pounded the keys of a keyboard that preceded her about three decades. Aged and rusted here and there, the typewriter methodically printed what came from the kaleidoscope of colors in her mind. Curiosity pushed him to her side.

       They spoke casually about the work she had just ground out. Politely he inquired to see the masterpiece she had created. Even with his past, he had an eye for good writing. What his eyes came across now was something of pure excellence. With continued conversation he offered her a deal.

     He knew he wanted to get back into the world of writing, but in a way that is accepted by society’s standards. She knew she wanted to get into the same world but she lacked the inside know how that he possessed. With her God given talent and his connections they  could make each other’s aspirations a reality.

      So now on the worn dock, some short months after their meeting, she was proudly able to let New York Times Best-selling Author embellish her now impressive resume. She let the salt air sweep through her hair causing it to tickle the edges of her sun kissed face. Reminiscing on what her life was before she began to remember how her life once was.

Ocean Raised

My mother, what a woman. She built me a solid foundation, one only God could diminish.  She raised me in a sense that I think all mothers should. She raised me just as God raised the ocean. She has shown me how to be gentle and powerful all in the same manner. Just as God has shown the waves to be calming, yet strong, bringing serenity to those who are worn and strength to those who are weak. Just as the ocean, I too feel the need to bring people to a place of peace, a place to feel safe and at home. The ocean mirrors my sense of anger and despair by unleashing it’s fury all in one powerful storm. But soon the lightening ceases and the rain let’s up, the ocean has cleansed itself, ridding what it has bottled up.

She has given me the ability to feel deeply about my beliefs, just as the ocean portrays things in a way to give a deeper meaning for life. Like the ocean, my mother has told me to show my true beauty through every action I take. God has shown my mother in each and every way possible to raise me as he has raised the ocean. No one truly understands my connection to the salty waters, only the the lucky ones. I am proud to say I was and will forever be ocean raised.

Battered and Broken.

Wondering if she would even recognize the person that would stare back at her along the waves edge, she up and ran to see for herself. Burying the person she once was, was an easy task, at first. She let herself become what society made her to be. She smiled less, ate less, and even slept less all to become the best that she could be. She hid her simplistic ways to accomplish a fast paced, cut-throat lifestyle, that she thought she had wanted. Now, cruising down the desolate interstate, she shook her head at her shallow choices in life. As she made it to where the ocean met the land, she cracked a crooked smile at the way the sand pushed out from the sides of her pasty feet.

When she reached the waters edge, she became hesitant to look at her reflection. When the seal on her eyes finally cracked, she saw a woman of small, yet strong stature, staring back at her. This young woman she saw before her resembled someone who had been chewed up and spat out by life’s cruel antics. She could see a woman of whole proportion and yet she felt as if only half of herself were truly there. Anger and disappointment caused a single tear to well up and spill of the rim of her eye. As she wiped the salty tear away, she vowed she would become the person she was meant to be in this world, without the influence of anyone or anything.


Harnessing all the beauty this world has to offer maybe be a challenge. But I am more than willing to take on that challenge. There may be a lot of bad that is thrown at us, but that bad always seems to be laced with a little good.

How can you not look at all the wreckage and carnage without hoping for something better to come of it? What about the miraculous scenery the earth bestows upon us? When you look into the ocean, do you not feel like there is something bigger out there? What about the colors in the sky as day time begins to rest? Don’t they make you see the world in a different view? I want to see all that is out there. Whether on home or foreign soil, I want to capture every little bit of the good and hold onto it forever. I feel too deeply about life to just let the negativity squander my views. It may not be easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. I hope I can gaze upon very grain of sand, make a wish on every dandelion in my path, and feel all of God’s power with every storm.

Running with the Sun.

Her bronzed toes dug deeper and deeper into the white sand. She exhaled stress, highlighted with worry, into the salty air. The breeze carried her trials and tribulations and threw them to the sky. She reminisced on this past year, making her thankful for the person she left behind in her hometown. She came to the islands to find the person she had lost along the grueling adventure through college.

High school was a rushed, worried time that pushed her to be the best that society wanted to make her. When she graduated high school hopes of becoming a doctor were held dear to her heart. Then the real problem came, college. She spent hours, days, weeks, and years trying to become all that she could be in the medical field. She worried so much about who she was going to become, that she forgot who she really was. She forgot the simple fact of taking time for herself, she forgot about enjoying the simple things in life. She pushed herself to a new breaking point each and everyday to get MD after her name. Most people would call it dedication, she now called it insanity.

Living a fast paced, pushed to your limit, go until you break lifestyle was something she lied herself into enjoying, but deep down a piece of her broke. Now she lays in the sunlight, letting it warm her skin, trying to pick up the pieces she chiseled away and put herself back to someone she would finally recognize in the mirror. The sun had began to set low in the blue sky, causing hues of crimsons, peaches, and magentas to swirl together with the clouds. She turned her head from side to side only to see the island come to life with the last ray of sun. In that moment she knew she has made the right decision to up and run with the sun.

Underwater Dive.

I never knew just how beautiful things were under the water, until today. I decided to appease my inner tourist and go for the deal the professional diver had to offer. The boat cut the waves like a knife, but they would retort back and buck the bow causing a powerful jolt. Finally the diver was satisfied in our whereabouts and pulled the boat perpendicular to this bony looking structure poking it’s way through the Ocean’s surface.

With our gear securely tied and plastered to our bodies we took the plunge. I could feel the coolness of the water encase my body. I delayed letting my eyelids open, for fear of landing in on a family of sharks. Once they slowly broke their tight seal and crept open, I found myself in a world full of a beautiful array of colors. Not even a rainbow over a colorful sunset could hold a candle to the view before me. Mesmerized in the beauty I failed to notice all the little creatures that had began to find me interesting. Playful seahorses swam circles around me trying to tempt my inner child, clown fish swam in and out of the anemones playing peek a boo, and small schools of topically colored fish played tag, in and out of the playhouse the coral reef had to offer. I mimicked the fish and swam through, around, over, and under the structure of the coral reef twirling in amazement.

This place was something of pure bliss, something that the world had left untouched allowing it’s natural beauty to shine through. Gazing all around a sense of purpose washed over me, leaving me feeling satisfied with my life. There wasn’t a better way to see the world’s colors than the way I had experienced. This once-in-a-lifetime-chance left me with the addiction to live life to the fullest and explore all the treasures this world has to offer.


She strolled along the white sand; Mesmerized by the waves’ soft touch. With each step she pushed the gritty ground until the clumps toppled around her toes. The pier stood mangled and jagged in the salty mist. The clouds that welcomed themselves two days prior, have realized their worn-out welcome. Magenta slathered, fluffy clouds have proudly taken their place. The sun tore through the fluff, emanating warmth over her bronzed skin. She tilted her head in welcome of the rays. Her long sun-kissed hair cascaded over her shoulders, stretching down her back. She brought her eyes  to a slow opening until she shot her focus back to the weathered structure down the beach.

She let her heart pick up speed, pounding through her ribs, and raising her shirt with each pulsation. Without consciousness her legs moved more swiftly in pace until she was bolting down the stretch of land. The mist began to clear with each stride. The adrenaline lifted as the salt-weathered, wooden beams came in closer proximity. The waves pounded the beams in attempt to aggravate their stance. Despite the power against them, the proud beams stood tall.

She wrapped herself around a beam that was only kissed by the waves. Her breathing mimicked the rhythm  of the ocean. In the tranquil wake, her eyes slowly shut. The pulsation of the waves emanated up the beam. Her heartbeat became internally audible. With each break along the shore the two pulsations began to come together as one. She realized her heartbeat was in tune with the oceans’.