Beach Time.

Beep beep. Wake up time. Definitely coffee time. Whew! Good run time. Mmmm, breakfast time. Rush hour time. Late for clock in time, whoops. 

Meeting time. Presentation time. Lunch time. Paper football time. Another meeting time. Dreaded paperwork time. And finally, finally quitting time. 

Now, official vacation time. No schedules, no set times. Stay up, sleep in, drink before five, lay in the sun, swim in the surf, and play in the sand. Whatever my heart desires. Now I’m on beach time.


Harnessing all the beauty this world has to offer maybe be a challenge. But I am more than willing to take on that challenge. There may be a lot of bad that is thrown at us, but that bad always seems to be laced with a little good.

How can you not look at all the wreckage and carnage without hoping for something better to come of it? What about the miraculous scenery the earth bestows upon us? When you look into the ocean, do you not feel like there is something bigger out there? What about the colors in the sky as day time begins to rest? Don’t they make you see the world in a different view? I want to see all that is out there. Whether on home or foreign soil, I want to capture every little bit of the good and hold onto it forever. I feel too deeply about life to just let the negativity squander my views. It may not be easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. I hope I can gaze upon very grain of sand, make a wish on every dandelion in my path, and feel all of God’s power with every storm.

Running with the Sun.

Her bronzed toes dug deeper and deeper into the white sand. She exhaled stress, highlighted with worry, into the salty air. The breeze carried her trials and tribulations and threw them to the sky. She reminisced on this past year, making her thankful for the person she left behind in her hometown. She came to the islands to find the person she had lost along the grueling adventure through college.

High school was a rushed, worried time that pushed her to be the best that society wanted to make her. When she graduated high school hopes of becoming a doctor were held dear to her heart. Then the real problem came, college. She spent hours, days, weeks, and years trying to become all that she could be in the medical field. She worried so much about who she was going to become, that she forgot who she really was. She forgot the simple fact of taking time for herself, she forgot about enjoying the simple things in life. She pushed herself to a new breaking point each and everyday to get MD after her name. Most people would call it dedication, she now called it insanity.

Living a fast paced, pushed to your limit, go until you break lifestyle was something she lied herself into enjoying, but deep down a piece of her broke. Now she lays in the sunlight, letting it warm her skin, trying to pick up the pieces she chiseled away and put herself back to someone she would finally recognize in the mirror. The sun had began to set low in the blue sky, causing hues of crimsons, peaches, and magentas to swirl together with the clouds. She turned her head from side to side only to see the island come to life with the last ray of sun. In that moment she knew she has made the right decision to up and run with the sun.

Underwater Dive.

I never knew just how beautiful things were under the water, until today. I decided to appease my inner tourist and go for the deal the professional diver had to offer. The boat cut the waves like a knife, but they would retort back and buck the bow causing a powerful jolt. Finally the diver was satisfied in our whereabouts and pulled the boat perpendicular to this bony looking structure poking it’s way through the Ocean’s surface.

With our gear securely tied and plastered to our bodies we took the plunge. I could feel the coolness of the water encase my body. I delayed letting my eyelids open, for fear of landing in on a family of sharks. Once they slowly broke their tight seal and crept open, I found myself in a world full of a beautiful array of colors. Not even a rainbow over a colorful sunset could hold a candle to the view before me. Mesmerized in the beauty I failed to notice all the little creatures that had began to find me interesting. Playful seahorses swam circles around me trying to tempt my inner child, clown fish swam in and out of the anemones playing peek a boo, and small schools of topically colored fish played tag, in and out of the playhouse the coral reef had to offer. I mimicked the fish and swam through, around, over, and under the structure of the coral reef twirling in amazement.

This place was something of pure bliss, something that the world had left untouched allowing it’s natural beauty to shine through. Gazing all around a sense of purpose washed over me, leaving me feeling satisfied with my life. There wasn’t a better way to see the world’s colors than the way I had experienced. This once-in-a-lifetime-chance left me with the addiction to live life to the fullest and explore all the treasures this world has to offer.

Wave Therapy.

Sometimes you can paint on the most convincing smile and still not be able to hide the pain. Even the waves can tell the truth in your eyes.

The rain stings in a cold manner, trying to fight numbness bestowed upon you. The gulls shriek to wake your mind from the overthought stupor. This place knows you better than you know yourself. This place knows your pain. It knows you need to reflect and heal, so it decides to mimic your emotions.

Waves begin to pound the shore. Clouds overcast the once-blue sky. Winds begin to howl and wail. Palm trees sway violently and branches crack and break under the force. Still, you sit in the sand with your arms wrapped around your legs, curled up like a crab in its’ shell. You duck your head in-between your arms, letting the storm take you over further. The ocean gives you more; giving you what you have been needing.

The salt in the air begins to thicken, almost suffocating. The mist becomes blinding. Still, you sit curled, letting yourself become battered physically. Finally the ocean gives its’ all. The sand breaks down beneath you, slowly shifting under the pounding of the waves. The waves begin to crash closer and closer. You know they’re closing in. You feel their presence creeping and crashing closer and closer. But still you sit there motionless.

Now is the time for extreme measures, the ocean won’t allow anymore. All of its’ force is packed into this last wave. The height, depth, and power are immeasurable. You know that this one is coming. You know the ocean will only allow you to sulk so much, and this time you’ve pushed its’ and your own limits.

This wave will encapsulate you, swallowing you whole, ridding you of this earth. Just as it heightens over your body, you burst upright with trembling fists clenched. In return the wave falls to the Earth as a gentle rain, soaking you further. As your chest rises and falls more rhythmically, the waves begin to lessen in power. The winds subside and the color is brought back to the sky. Your body is left exasperated causing you to fall gently to the damp sand. The darkness begins to take over your eyelids until you drift to sleep.

Your eyes slowly crack open, only to be surprised by a cool, colorful sky.The tradewinds gently wisp through your hair. Rejuvenation cascades over your body.The ocean used God’s privilege in itself to bless you with a peaceful, tranquil new dawn.

Tantalizing Waves.

Rushing and pounding the shore with a tantalizing orchestra of crashing.  Enough to calm the storm inside and relinquish the fury that has been bottled. Giving direction to the ships and taking direction from the man in the moon. Waves.

Waves can deliver the chill down each individual vertebrae composing your spine. They deliver the ocean-made shells to the shore for all the locals and tourist to revel in discovering. Waves, can carry a power almost as strong as God himself and yet can be  as gentle as a small infant. These tantalizing works of nature can take your breath right from your lungs in amazement of their natural beauty. You’ll never experience anything like an ocean derived wave.

Salt kissed from the heavens above, they can bring your soul at peace in an instant. Waves are something that tickle the fancy of each of the five senses giving the ultimate experience of euphoria. Let waves take you to a place of bliss and never look back.

The Souvenir

He finally was able to pull her away from the ocean she loved, so they could explore the sandy town they were currently vacationing in.  She threw on the only nice outfit she brought with her and was able to put on a little eye catching make up, despite the fact that he always told her she looked good without trying.

They strolled along the salt eaten sidewalk  with the noticeable sting of summer on their checks. Just as always, they laughed and enjoyed their time together, soaking up the simplicity of their visit. Finally they made their way to the little town they passed on the way in. A warped wooden sign, decorated with a shiny, plastic swordfish, a few coral colored star fish, and some old trusty netting in the upper corner, hung proudly above the door. They walked in with their fingers intertwined in another, only to find wall to wall nautical riches. With widened eyes they explored every little trinket and dried sea creature, making sure they didn’t miss even a grain of sand.

She knew she had to discover the perfect treasure to always act as a symbol of this wonderful trip they took together, and he knew she wouldn’t stop until she found it. She stumbled upon starfish of all shapes and sizes, nautical stuffed animals, surf and boogie boards, and even the cutest ankle brackets she had to have that were embellished with beads and shells. Like every tourist infested shop it was filled with the usual tacky t-shirt you knew you would never wear, the bumper sticker with a witty saying, and even the real shark teeth that would cut you to the touch, but she still couldn’t find exactly what she had been searching for. She was happy with the dozen one dollar ankle bracelets she obtained, but she just couldn’t come across the keepsake she knew she needed. He sensed her discouragement, he was always good at that, so he led her to an area of the store that had been less examined by the years and years of out of town eyes. There in the dusty corner of the store lied a small hand woven wicker basket full of the tiniest, cutest little glass bottles that were filled with all kinds of oceanic treasures. They were accompanied with a small cork, holding all of its riches inside and a sterling silver, diamond-cut chain.

She prodded through everyone of them, making sure she found the most perfect one.  The very last one she got her hands on was filled with snow-white sand from the shore, a tiny aqua blue starfish, and  even tinier sea shells. The  trinkets inside this glass chamber that caught her eye the most though, were the small rose colored pearl,a minuscule dried sand-dollar, and what she thought was the smallest anchor she had ever seen. She knew this was what she had been searching for. With great pride she pranced to the well used counter to purchase her treasures. He knew by the smile stretched across her cheeks that she was content with her findings. When the total came he laid down a wad of sand dusted dollars and made that smile on her face stretch just a bit further. They chatted on the way back taking in the scenery and the whole way she clung to that souvenir,that was wrapped around her neck, in hopes that she could stop time and forever stay in that perfect moment.