Hurricane Prayer.

She’s finally over. The publicized hurricane-of-the-century, left as fast as she came in. There is damage. There is flooding. There is less beach than before. This isn’t new to any of us. We have gone through much worse and much less worse, but now is the time to go out and see the damage. She may have tried to knock our archipelago off the map, but here we all stand, together. 

Making my way to the now even smaller strip of sand, the shells and numerous marine animals lied where they had been thrown from the ocean. I peak my head over the many sea creatures, hoping for a stir. If so, I work my quickest to get them back to their salty home. As I swiftly move and gently replace the marine life, other native beach-goers are also participating in the valiant effort to return them home. 

A sense of relief overcomes us all as we know they are all back where they belong. I look out towards the next island in our clan. I can see the storm has sunk in her claws.  I raise my hand to my brothers across water, sending my prayers their way. Although, we have a lot of work ahead of us, we are ready. And just before we turn are backs to head home, God lays out a beautiful rainbow, with vibrant hues, sending his promise to every islander. 

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